The Los Angeles Family AIDS Network is a collaborative whose mission is to facilitate access to medical care and support services for women, infants, children and youth living with and/or affected by HIV through high quality, family-centered network of culturally and linguistically competent providers.


Support and Acceptance for ALL.


Compassion, Education, Empower, Advocacy


The Los Angeles Family AIDS Network (LAFAN) began in 1988 as a CHLA demonstration project with a focus on the needs of infants and children. Originally called the Los Angeles Pediatric AIDS Network (LAPAN), in 1990, LAPAN received funding as one of the first Ryan White Care Act programs.This funding made it possible, for the network to be able to provide the medical care and psychosocial support services that were desperately needed for women, infants, families and youth (WICY). By utilizing the agencies within LAPAN, families were finally able to access the high quality medical care and support services they could not find in other medical facilities, because these sites did not focus on the needs and unique care for the WICY population.Families were also able to come together and support each other, attend educational sessions and family centered activities. As the face of the HIV/AIDS epidemic changed, so did LAPAN. In the early 1990’s, LAPAN replaced the “Pediatric” with “Family” and became known as LAFAN.

In 2015, UCLA acquired the Los Angeles Family AIDS Network and as a result, LAFAN continues to be a pillar in the community and a strong network of service providers. LAFAN has always collaborated with the community and funded services through sub-recipient grantsa wards. Funding has been based on data collection, need assessments, quality improvement projects and community input. Over the years, LAFAN has collaborated with many funded and non-funded network partners.Currently the LAFAN network consists of seven medical sites, all addressing the service gaps in the Los Angeles County, identified by our clients and partner agencies.

For more than 30 years, the LAFAN Community Advisory Board (CAB) has been meeting on an on-going and regular basis. LAFAN has hosted a CAB in order to provide a vehicle for meaningful consumer involvement and participation. The mission of the CAB is to provide on-going input for the planning, evaluation and implementation of services delivered by the LAFAN network of service providers and their goal is to empower consumers through awareness, education, resources and support.

LAFAN has been a leader in the coordination of family-centered care, providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services.